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L4 2.7L Diesel - (Nissan TD27)

28,215 Km (17,532 Miles)


This LTi Fairway is painted in gorgeous black over gray cloth seats. The engine is a Nissan-sourced 2.7-liter diesel 4-cylinder with 78 HP, mated to a 4-speed automatic with rear-wheel drive. It retains all factory equipment both inside and out, including AM radio up front, AM/FM/Cassette in the rear, a driver/passenger partition, jump seats in the rear (seating up to 6), and separate HVAC for the front and rear of the car. Only modifications are a dash-mounted navigation unit and a front/rear-view camera mirror with integrated speedometer.

-Nissan TD27 diesel 4-cylinder

-4-speed automatic

-Black exterior, gray interior

-Dual radios, front and rear

-Air conditioning, front and rear

-16" factory steel wheels and covers

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