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R2T - (13B 2-Rotor Turbo)
34,672 km (25,144 miles)

This efini RX-7 is an ex-show car from the early 2000's in Japan. It has a 5-speed manual and a single turbo converted two-rotor engine with HKS intercooler and radiator relocation kit. It is painted white with black exterior accents, with a black interior featuring Bride seats and red accents. The dash is covered in Defi aftermarket gauges, along with an Apexi FC Commander and Greddy PRofec B Spec 2 Boost Controller. 17" Zauber wheels are wrapped in Continental DWS rubber. The entire body kit is bespoke, one-of-one, and features widened fenders, canards, and a rear diffuser, along with a high GT-style adjustable wing. Ganador Super mirrors are mounted to the doors, and the car has exposed headlights with HIDs and full LED taillights. Other chassis modifications include Cusco front and rear stress bars, and Cusco underbody bracing accented by Apexi N1 coilovers. A new Kenwood touchscreen head unit is installed accompanied by period-correct Orion speakers, amps, and a competition subwoofer with custom trunk lining and enclosure.

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