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1.8L Inline-4 DOHC(Mazda BP)
27,920 km (17,348 miles)

This Mitsuoka Zero-1 has the heart of an NA Miata, with less weight. It is painted burgundy red metallic with stainless steel body work and black leather interior. The car features a 128 HP 1.8L Inline-4 Mazda BP engine, mated to the matching Mazda 5-speed manual transmission. The top, removable doors, and tonneau covers are in good condition. The car has a Nardi Torino steering wheel with a quick disconnect hub, and 14" Wantanabe wheels. Definitely a great track toy or really cool weekend driver.

-Inline-4 cylinder engine

-5-speed manual transmission

-Soft top, soft doors, and tonneau cover

-14" Wantanabe racing wheels

-Nardi Torino steering wheel

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