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L4 - 1.3L - (A-Series) - 4-Speed Auto

15,067 Km (9,362 Miles)


This 1996 35th Anniversary Rover Mini is painted in Almond Green with a white roof and Green interior. 1,701 35th Anniversary cars were built, and 1,200 were sent to Japan. The car features color-matched fender flares, factory mini-lite style wheels, four driving lamps and clear front turn signal lenses. This mini has a 1.3 liter 4 cylinder fuel-injected engine with air conditioning. The engine is backed by a 4 speed automatic transmission and is equipped with a Delta Power exhaust.

-1 of 1,200 imported for Japan

-Inline-4 cylinder engine

-4-speed automatic transmission

-Almond Green exterior

-Porcelain Green interior

-Factory radio

-Air Conditioning

-Delta Power exhaust

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