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L4 0.7L - 658cc - (EN07 SOHC)

75,748 Km (47,067 Miles)


This 1996 Subaru Sambar Dias S is painted in a camouflage style, and has a gray cloth interior. The car features a Subaru EN07 4-cylinder SOHC mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The engine sits in the rear of the car powering the rear wheels, with switchable 4WD via a button on the shifter. The van features folding seats with lots of cargo space and a carpet loading floor. Additions include 13" steel wheels with new Forceum MT-08 tires, a whip flag for off-road adventures, and bedliner to protect from rust and rock chips.

-Inline-4-cylinder engine

-5-speed manual transmission

-Green & camouflage exterior

-13" wheels and off-road tires

-Off-road whip flag

-Gray cloth interior

-Air conditioning

-Factory exhaust

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