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I6 - 3.0L - (2JZ-GE DOHC)

101,585 Km (63,122 Miles)


This 1998 Toyota Crown is fitted with a 2JZ-GE I6 engine backed by a 4-speed automatic transmission. It is painted all black with fender mirrors, heated rear seats, massaging seats, passenger seat pass-thru, and auxiliary seat and radio controls in the rear center console. It has brand new Blade SC coilovers, and has been upgraded with 17x9" WORK VS-SD wheels while retaining all other factory equipment.

-2JZ-GE DOHC I6 engine

-4-speed automatic

-Air conditioning & digital climate control

-Rear seat luxuries

-Factory touchscreen radio head unit

-17x9" WORK VS-SD wheels

-Brand new Blade SC coilovers

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